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Kerala gold rates


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Kerala Gold Rates Today

ഇന്നത്തെ സ്വർണ്ണ വില 22 K
September 25 -2020 Amount
ഒരു ഗ്രാം Rs:4615
ഒരു പവൻ Rs:36920
വിലയിൽ വന്ന മാറ്റം Amount
ഒരു ഗ്രാം Rs:25 കൂടി
ഒരു പവൻ Rs:200 കൂടി




Yesterday's Gold Rate

ഇന്നലെ സ്വർണ്ണ വില 22 K
September 24 Amount
ഒരു ഗ്രാം Rs: 4590
ഒരു പവൻ Rs :36720




Particulars 1 Gram 1 Pavan
Highest Rs:4770 Rs.38160
Lowest Rs:4590 Rs.36720


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September Month Gold Rates

Date 1 Gram 1 Pavan
Sep 1 Rs:4725 Rs.37800
Sep 2 Rs:4685 Rs.37480
Sep 3 Rs:4685 Rs.37480
Sep 4 Rs:4685 Rs.37480
Sep 5 Rs:4670 Rs.37360
Sep 6 Rs:4670 Rs.37360
Sep 7 Rs:4690 Rs.37520
Sep 8 Rs:4700 Rs:37600
Sep 9 Rs:4730 Rs:37840
Sep 10 Rs:4740 Rs:37920
Sep 11 Rs:4725 Rs:37800
Sep 12 Rs:4725 Rs:37800
Sep 13 Rs:4725 Rs:37800
Sep 14 Rs:4740 Rs:37920
Sep 15 Rs:4770 Rs:38160
Sep 16 Rs:4770 Rs:38160
Sep 17 Rs:4745 Rs:37960
Sep 18 Rs:4760 Rs:38080
Sep 19 Rs:4760 Rs:38080
Sep 20 Rs:4760 Rs:38080
Sep 21 Rs:4770 Rs:38160
Sep 22 Rs: 4675 Rs:37400
Sep 23 Rs:4650 Rs:37200
Sep 24 Rs:4590 Rs:36720
Sep 25 Rs:4615 Rs:36920



August Month

Particulars 1 Gram 1 Pavan
Highest Rs:5250 Rs.42000
Lowest Rs:4700 Rs.37600



Gold Related Words


24 Carat -100 % Pure Gold


22 Carat -91.6 % Pure Gold ,916


18 Carat -75 % % Pure Gold,750

The world consumption of new gold produced is about fifty percentages in jewelry, forty percentages in investments and 10 percentages in industry. Gold’s has seduced jewelry lovers around the world for thousands of years.

Gold is highly attractive, bright, shiny almost glowingly radiant metal that is resistant to such deprecating factors as corrosion and rust in both air and water.

Gold is undoubtedly a precious metal for which there have ban wears also this natural resource has always fascinated everyone and has managed to retain its importance over centuries.

Price of gold is not set by any organization but it depends upon the cost of producing it (extracting it from the ground and then purifying it) and how people are willing to pay for it. Gold, unlike many other metals is relatively expensive to produce, those making the base price fairly high. If a lot of people wish to use gold and rare looking to buy it, they will have to complete with each other for it, which will ultimately result in a price rise If not there is not much demand for gold the price will be near the actual cost of production.

Today most of the people using Gold as an Investment purpose. Especially in Kerala, Gold is a status symbol. Gold rate is changing every day because of international market fluctuations. So before buy gold ornaments we should check gold rate every day. We need to pay other charges like making charge, Gst. So we carefully plan a budget before buy ornaments.

Top Jewellery shops in Kerala


1) Kalyan


2) Malabar Gold and Diamonds


3) Bhima


4) Josco


5) Joy Alukkas


6) Chungath

Kerala Gold Rate

Kerala Gold Rate

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